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Chez Hiloma, nous pensons que la technologie doit soutenir et améliorer le succès de votre organisation, et non le limiter. Grâce à notre large gamme de services de premier ordre, nous fournissons des solutions personnalisées qui répondent à vos besoins informatiques uniques. Nous nous engageons à exceller dans notre travail afin que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur le vôtre. Hiloma fournit à ses clients un large éventail de services informatiques et de gestion de qualité depuis 1989. Nos clients bénéficient de plus de 25 ans d'expérience dans la prestation de services :

1.    Une externalisation de l'informatique adaptée aux besoins uniques de leur entreprise.

2.    Des services de projet : Migration de serveurs/postes de travail, mise en œuvre d'un ERP, installation d'un système VOIP, développement de logiciels personnalisés, conception de bases de données, etc...

3.    Services de conseil : Analyse des processus d'entreprise, continuité des activités, analyse de la sécurité et des risques, reprise après sinistre, conception de l'infrastructure informatique, etc...


Fondateur / Partenaire

Mark Gross

Directeur technique / Partenaire

Pierre Sanon

COO / Partenaire

Colin Cummins



MEDICAPITALCeci est pour vous informer de notre entiere satisfaction des services offert par Hiloma et Monsieur Colin Cummins. En effet, nous avons utilise Hiloma pour combler certains besoins informatiques et ceci a toujours ete fait avec beaucoup de professionnalisme. Apres nous avoir prouve ses qualites, MediCapital Inc. a decide de choisir Hiloma comme fournisseur de services informatiques.


TRUELINE VALVES - Hiloma group is brilliant and are IT experts par excellence. We always enjoyed working with their employees as they respond quickly when we call for support and they have met our IT needs in a timely, efficient and personablemanner. I definitely recommend Hiloma Software Development for business process consultancy and IT services.


BUZZJEANS - Hiloma has been a valuable asset as the IT consultant for our online retail store, They have consistently given useful guidance in both the planning and execution of our various technical developments, as well as an unyielding drive to work out the best possible solutions for our company. They would be an exceptional addition to any team, as they are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I am confident that they would approach any and all projects with the same determination as he has for and look forward to working with them in the future.


DIFFUSIONJARDIN - Hiloma has been addressing our computer and technical issues for the last four (4) years for our company and personal computer problems.
Their capabilities in the technical field are of very high standards and would highly
recommend them for any business needs.


BRUNE & BLONDE AGENCY -  I run a small Marketing, Design & PR agency that specializes in the fashion industry and, more specifically, in designing corporate identities and communication tools for companies that understand and want to be part of the ever-changing mediascape.

A large part of our business consists of building websites and e-commerce boutiques, and sustaining these with full-fledged e-marketing efforts from online media buying to blogging & PR. We have hired Hiloma several times in the past as a Web and IT consultant, and will without a doubt be seeking out their services in the near future, most likely on a larger scale than in the past.

Being web-savvy people that are nonetheless in constant need of advice and support in the tech sphere, my business partner and I at brune & blonde consider Hiloma's services to be not only helpful, but absolutely crucial to the success of our business. We wish them all the best in this entrepreneurial endeavor and look forward to working with them in the very near future.





4030 rue Saint-Ambroise

Suite 201/204

Montreal, QC, H4C2C7

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