Software Development


Hiloma's origins are in software development for the medical industry. Since its inception in 1988 Hiloma has worked with a wide variety of industries in order to provide robust, effective, and cost-efficient software and database development solutions. Developing for a variety of platforms, our focus is on designing software to streamline processing and provide optimization tools. From production management, monitoring, schedule management, database optimization to deployment strategy.

Windows Applications

Whether your company needs to update outdated software or to build an application to help drive your business into the future, Hiloma is able to understand and work with you in order to develop what's right for your organization. 


With decades of experience working with the medical and financial industries, we have been able to help clients become more productive and increase overall workflow by using our programming experience


-C, C++, Java, bash scripting, python, php,, Active Server Pages, JavaScript.



Linux Applications


Behind every successful company there most likely lies a Linux server performing critical tasks to allow your company to run at its highest efficiency.  


Depending on the infrastructure and needs of the client, choosing a platform becomes crucial in the decision making.  Linux based platforms are a great alternative and can help in providing a cost effective, yet powerful solution. Hiloma can leverage the flexibility and scalability of this platform and integrate it within your existing network.

Database Services


Databases can able to leverage the large amount of information, an organization has to process.  Whether it be MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, we have the ability to design, deploy, maintain, and recover to solution that will handle your sensitive information.


Many crucial applications rely heavily on databases to read and write information.  Proper structure and maintenance are key to keeping a healthy database.  We at Hiloma strive to make sure that your companies information is safe, fast, and reliable.