SECURITY - Protecting your data and infrastructure


Security Testing


How vulnerable are you?   Most companies do not ask this question until it's too late.  We can test both your physical and network security and provide a detailed report of the vulnerabilities encountered. 


Types of testing -  Below you will see our individual services that we offer.  Many of these services should be used in conjunction with the others in order to have a true sense of your security vulnerabilities. Once completed we will provide a detailed report of the security vulnerabilities and an action plan on how to resolve these issues. 

Penetration Testing


Why should you worry about penetration testing?


-Security breaches and service interruptions are costly

-It is impossible to safeguard all information, all the time

-Penetration testing identifies and prioritizes security risks


A penetration test is a proactive and authorized attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities, including OS, service and application flaws, improper configurations, and even risky end-user behavior. Such assessments are also useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, as well as end-users’ adherence to security policies.

Application Security Testing


Application Penetration Testing services will perform tests on your custom web applications as well as standard applications like antivirus, embedded applications, games, and other system applications against any potential vulnerabilities. 


Using ethical hacking techniques, we simulate real world attacks to demonstrate how vulnerabilities can be exploited to compromise your systems and confidential data.

Social Engineering Testing


As secure as your network may be, the weakest link is often the users. With the amount of personal information available on the internet it's never been easier to find vulnerabilities within the users themselves.


For many companies, employees are often overlooked as a potential threat to company security, not realizing that a skilled social engineering attack could compromise the entire organization. Even the best network and systems security will not prevent an attack directed at your employees. Malicious hackers can be extremely effective at coercing people to break their normal security procedures and divulge confidential/critical information. 

Wireless Penetration Testing


We offer a wide range of Wireless Penetration Testing services, from security tests of standard corporate Wi-Fi networks to assessments of specialized wireless solutions.


For corporate Wi-Fi deployments, we identify wireless exposures using techniques including information gathering, traffic sniffing, and authentication bypassing. We also offer custom research services and security evaluations for technologies including wireless IPS, wireless payment devices, and other solutions.

Source Code Audits


During a Source Code Security Audit, our experts manually inspect the source code of your new or existing application for security weaknesses. This service includes:


  • Review of authentication, authorization, session and communication mechanisms

  • Identification of programming-related issues such as buffer overflows

  • Identification of input and output related vulnerabilities

  • Review of third-party libraries

  • Security validation of cryptographic functions and routines

Physical Breach Testing


Sometimes data is only as secure as the location it's being stored at. We use ethical means to test the physical security of a location. 


This is done in many ways and can be conducted at different periods to identify the weakest security spots. 


This in conjunction with our other services, such as social engineering testing, can provide a very comprehensive idea of the main vulnerabilities of your location(s).