IT Services

Information technology is critical in any business today.  Our goal is to be or accompany your IT department, to provide any size company the best in IT services. You get all the benefits of a skilled IT force without the requirements of having one in-house.

With the exposure we have through our clients, we have a wide ranging expertise that we can make our clientele benefit.
We keep up to date with new developments and solutions that might benefit our clients, making sure that their IT needs are met.

New installs, upgrades and repair of existing equipment

- Hardware/software installation
- Server setup and deployment
- Upgrade existing hardware/software
- Backup and restore data (onsite & offsite)
- Virus/Spyware/Malware detection and removal

- Spam filtering services

- Product procurement 


Interconnecting devices wired or wireless

- Configure and deploy scalable networks

- Cabling  (also cable cleanup)
- Installation of network equipment
- Wireless planning and implementation
- Server room design (AC, fire suppression, etc.)


Specialized Services
Providing high end services

- Cloud Transition

- VOIP/Telephony installation/maintenance

- Virtualization  (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.)

- Disaster Preparation/Recovery

- Large scale software deployments
- Audio/Visual integration for boardrooms or entertainment
- Apple upgrades and repair (In or out of Warranty)
- Compliances (PCL, SOX, etc.)

Food for thought -


1. Are you getting all you can out of your equipment? IT costs are inevitable but that doesn't mean you can't get 100% out of your existing equipment. Let us help you leverage your IT infrastructure and lower your costs.


 2. Do your employees lose time on repetitive tasks? Employees lose time and motivation when hitting obstacles and road blocks in everyday workflow. Let us help you increase employee efficiency.


3. How often are your employees re-trained? Software and hardware change all the time, but the users are rarely trained on the changes. This is responsible for hours of lost productivity.